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*Be Aware that some of the Stories are bad to were it can trigger your brain. Please note that some of these stories are real life if you Can not handle watching any of these Please DO NOT WATCH..


Jeffree Dahmer
Candy Montgomery
Gypsy Blanchard
Paradise Lost
Kleeman Ax Murder
Kathleen Peterson

Cold Cases

Cold Case Files: Girl Abducted and Killed
It Takes 22 Years and an Entire Town to Solve a Murder


JonBenet Ramsey


Baby Lisa
Maddy Middleton


Jackie Vandagriff


coming soon!

Kids who kill

Eric Smith
The Girl Who Killed A Boy With A Machete To Have Sex

Young Crime

Jeralee Underwood
Michella Welch
Riley Crossman
Lauren Landavazo
Tristyn Bailey
Amber Dubois & Chelsea King
Elizabeth Olten

Moms who Kill

The Mom Who Became A Mass Killer
The Mom Who Trampled Her Baby Son To Death

Texas Crimes

clear Lake Murders
11 year old Killed

More Stories

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